YouTube MP3 & Videos downloader privacy policy

YouTube Videos Downloader Privacy Policy

From here, we describe the app’s behaviour and how the information are used:
YouTube Videos Downloader’ does not store any form of data about you, your computer which identifies you on any of our server or other types of storage. You have full control of the application, which only interacts with YouTube website directly.

Skydrive Integration/sync: [Release 9]

We do not use or store any form of data acquired from the sign in of SkyDrive cloud related services. Any explicit changes to any data will be done only with the consent of the user.
We will only read/write contents under the SkyDrive directory ‘YouTube Downloader Album’.

For more information on Microsoft’s privacy policy on SkyDrive, please check out the following link: 

Application Setting:

All application settings that you have changed such as photo resolution, delay per shot, etc will be saved on Microsoft’s server which will then easily sync between all of your devices on the same Microsoft account. We’ll never use them and store it elsewhere.

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